Anders Klint

The simpler you make things, the richer the experience becomes!

I’m Anders Klint, I work as an outdoor-chef. It might sound a bit funny but I can tell you that it’s the best job there is! When I first started becoming more involved in hiking and canoeing adventures, I never expected that I would become a wilderness cooking instructor.

I remember those first trips, over 30 years ago, digging into a typical hiking meal and thinking to myself,  ”there has to be a better way to deal with food in the backcountry”. With that in mind I set out to learn everything I could about wilderness cooking and making trail meals that would be more enjoyable.

When talking to other outdoor adventure enthusiasts, I realized that many had the same question surrounding how to make delicious meals, with ease, on wilderness trips.

I want to use my knowledge: to give you an insight into a outdoor chef’s daily lives, but also share good and bad dining experiences, fantastic recipes and to tell you about my passion for organic and fair trade products and services! My own first choice, it is obvious to choose organic food and fair trade.

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